About us  

Our Company Mission

At 4My Auto, we're all about providing the best service for our customers' vehicles.  

Our mission is to be an alternative to the poor experiences many vehicle owners have had with dealerships or other mechanics.

 As an independent repair shop, we offer better prices than dealerships and we pride ourselves on our transparent customer service and honest communication. 

We offer a wide range of services, from regular maintenance such as oil and tire changes to larger repairs from steering and suspension components to more complex engine and transmission repairs, we can do almost everything.

We aren't looking for problems, we are looking out for our customers.  

Our mechanics are paid hourly instead of by the job ensuring that they are motivated to provide accurate and efficient service, without searching for unnecessary repairs. 

Top quality service from your trusted advisors

Our goal is to be your one-stop repair shop and trusted advisor for all your vehicle needs.

We strive to keep your vehicle in good shape so that it doesn't need major repairs, but if something is about to go, we want you to see it coming if at all possible.

In the event that large repairs do come up, we promise to offer the most transparent advice, quality parts, and the best service so that you'll remain a customer for life.

We aren't afraid to literally show you the problem if you want to see it. We want you to understand how your care works if you are at all interested, thats how we built trust. You can trust 4My Auto as your #1 Ottawa Mechanic for all your car, truck or SUV.

What about NAPA AUTOPRO?

You have probably seen NAPA AUTOPRO before. NAPA AUTOPRO is a banner program that chooses independent repair shops to work with but This is not a franchise. Typically a franchise means that you have to do everything that the company wants and lose control over your business and brand. Instead, as a banner program we get all the advantages of partnering with NAPA but we retain the ability to do business our way. We are still very much 4My Auto but now we are also NAPA AUTOPRO. 


NAPA AUTOPRO provides many benefits to our customers including guarantees on their parts and warranty program that  can opt in to. 

Nationwide Peace of Mind Warranty

We offer a 2 year or 40,000km nationwide warranty on all repairs. If there is a problem with a repair we have performed you can get it fixed at any NAPA AUTOPRO across Canada at no charge.  

10 Year/400,000 km Powertrain Warranty

We are now able to offer a 10 year 400,000km powertrain warranty on your new vehicles. 

If you sign your vehicle up before 60,000km or 4 years old, we can offer a ten year 400,000km warranty on powertrain parts like engine, transmission and differentials.  

All you have to commit to is ensuring that all their regular scheduled maintenance is completed at a NAPA AUTOPRO shop. Things like regular oil changes, transmission flushes and other maintenance that extends the life of you vehicles most important parts. This is something you should be doing anyway, but now you get a bonus for doing so!

This lines up with 4My Auto's core value of maintaining your vehicle. Now, if a major repair to your powertrain system does come up you are covered under this warranty. 

NAPA Roadside assistance:

Servicing your car at a NAPA AUTOPRO has its benefits. NAPA customers are eligible for NAPA roadside assistance. This provide roadside services such as 
  • Towing
  • Battery Boost
  • Lock-out Service
  • Fluid Delivery
  • Flat Tire Change
Ask us to find out more about NAPA's roadside assistance program!
For more information visit NAPA Canada's website 
Visit NAPA Canada

Apply for Repair Financing 

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